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Salt Lake Windustrial
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Mining | Industrial


Salt Lake Windustrial offers an extensive line of products for our Mining and Industrial customers. In serving these industries for the past 35 years we have learned the value of 'up-time' vs 'down-time' in process piping systems. This is why we have made every effort to put together our incredible array of mining and industrial products, products that work, products that reduce your plant maintenance costs by extending your run time and reducing costly down-time due to product failures. Salt Lake Windustrial - the 'Valve and Control Solution' people.

Pipe, Tube, & Fittings
We have in-stock or readily available all types of piping products, from standard fittings to high-pressure; from carbon steel to titanium; from PVC or HDPE to TFE lined pipe and fittings. We can handle your needs!

We can handle all of your valve needs with our unique offering of quality products. Our extensive inventories include everything from standard bronze and iron gate, globe and check valves, to high performance alloy and rubber lined plug valves by Durco & DeZurick. We also stock knife gate valves that handle tough, abrasive slurry applications.

Valves can be quickly actuated 'In-house' at our local valve automation shop. We stock numerous pneumatic and electric actuators, limit switches, positioners, and solenoid valves in order to meet your needs with quick turnaround! There is no need to wait on someone to ship from Denver or Houston. We can get you up and running in no time.

Etc., Etc., Etc.
We also handle the various necessary items which you may need for your piping system. This includes: submersible dewatering pumps, chemical metering pumps, safety relief valves, strainers, flex connectors. You can also come to us for replacement pump parts for manufacturers such as Durco & Goulds. We even have a line of cyclone separators which directly replace Krebs products!


Manufacturers include:


ABS Pumps • Ames • Apollo • ASCO • Asahi • Atomac • AutomaxChemtrol • Coors • Demco • Dezurik • Dixon • Durco • Dwyer • Fusibond • George Fisher • Grinnell • Gruvlok • Hayward • Hoke/Gyrolok • ITT Eng Valve • Kennedy/M&H • Keystone • Limitorque • Milwaukee • McDaniels • Mueller Steam • Newco • Nibco • PHD • Red Valve • Remote Control • Reotemp • Spears • Superstrut • Sureflow • Technegate • Technequip • Turbotorch • Watts • Weldbend • Winters • WKM • VRC



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