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Hot Products


We at Salt Lake Windustrial are always looking for hot new problem-solving and cost-saving products to help you, our customers, save money and increase productivity. Please, let us know if we can help you with any of the following products, or tell us of any exciting new products out there that we should have in stock to service your needs.

Hamlet/Letlok We offer a complete line of brass and stainless steel tube fittings and valves for high-performance instrumentation use. We stock standard O.D. tubing sizes as well as IPS sizes. Hoke also offers an extensive line of bulletproof needle, ball, and metering valves as well as Check valves and in-line filters for instrumentation systems. They also offer automated valves. Please call us today for a product demo or Safety Seminar!

*Technequip We offer a 'double-edged' product line at Salt Lake Windustrial, with Technequip's abrasive slurry gate valves thru 24" in size. Our gate valves offer TFE coated gates as standard to help you eliminate scaling problems, and, as an added bonus, are a direct replacement for Clarkson KGA valve. 

*DeZurik  We can provide you with DeZurik's full line of problem-solving linear products, for precision throttling, or severe service applications. A proven product from a proven company. All available at Salt Lake Windustrial!



Manufacturers include:


 Apollo • ASCO • Asahi • Atomac • AutomaxChemtrol • Demco • Dezurik • Dixon • Durco • Dwyer • Fusibond • Georg Fisher • Grinnell • Gruvlok • Hayward • Hoke/Gyrolok • ITT Eng Valve • Kennedy/M&H • Keystone • Limitorque • Milwaukee • McDaniels • Mueller Steam • Newco • Nibco • Red Valve • Remote Control   Reotemp • Spears • Superstrut • Sureflow • Technegate • Technequip • Turbotorch • Watts • Weldbend • Winters • WKM • VRC



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